A gem in the Irish Sea

Sefton Group Buildings


Introducing the Island's culture and heritage

The Three Legs of Man (Triskelion) were adopted in the 13th century as the armorial bearings of the native kings of the Isle of Man. Even after control of the island passed to the English Crown, the emblem was retained. It is not known why the symbol was adopted, but it is thought to represent power and life - possibly meaning "Whichever way you throw me I stand".

The Isle of Man's sense of place, history and identity remains as strong as ever. Uncover our unique heritage, taking in some of the Island's arts, folklore and cuisine along the way. Throughout the year a busy calendar of events combine spectacle and enjoyment with a powerful subtext - celebrating long held Manx traditions. A visit to our beautiful Island wouldn't be complete without sampling some of our full flavoured local produce - smoked kippers, loaghtan lamb, queenies, cheeses and ice cream.

Sefton Group Buildings


Introducing the Island's nature

The Isle of Man means different things to different people, be it a safe and stimulating place to bring up a young family, good schools, a relaxed pace of life, locally produced food and lots to interest the children.

Take a guided wildlife tour and discover the incredible diversity of wildlife. The Isle of Man is the destination of choice for many birds during the winter, such as brent geese.

Isn't it time you discovered a little about our gem of an Island?

Introducing the Island's Activities

The Isle of Man is the perfect destination for anyone in search of an adrenaline rush. Visit secret places only accessible by kayak, go 1000 feet up on a quad bike or take to the air on a trial flying lesson. On a calm day take a boat trip to the Calf of Man and come face to face with the 'Drinking Dragon', a natural rock formation which is an excellent site for diving. Or hire a mountain bike and take on the peaks and forest trails. The Manx landscape can be demanding - are you up to the challenge?