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  • Sefton Group Activities
    The Sefton Group plc's activities extend across the Hospitality and Leisure sectors on the Isle of Man. It is the Island's largest premier hotel group and the Island's largest private sector supplier of leisure facilities.
  • About the Sefton Group
    The Sefton Group is a Manx Company which has been under public ownership since 1923. It encompasses many of the most prominent brand names on the Isle of Man in hospitality and leisure and is synonymous with providing superior quality and service.
  • About the Isle of Man
    The Isle of Man is a beautiful Island with breathtaking scenery, unspoilt beaches and a relaxed pace of life. It is also a well established and highly regarded international finance centre, and is a place where people and businesses can reach their true potential. It benefits from a world class infrastructure and a high quality of life.
  • News and Promotions
    The Sefton Group has a pedigree of constantly looking for better ways to serve its customers, of improving its core facilities and of investing in new areas on the Island. Check here for recent news and offers.
  • Contacts
    Whether you want to make a reservation at one our award-winning restaurants, book a luxurious weekend break or invest in the group, you can find the right person to deal with your enquiry here.